To significantly improve and expand device enabled GI disease management, by providing innovative solutions through a globally branded, high quality and market driven company.

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The novoGI™ HemoDetect, The novoGI™ Vision Plus and the novoGI™ Prep System are not yet FDA approved and CE pending.

novoGI™ HemoDetect


novoGI's HemoDetect provides an immediate, non-invasive measurement of blood hemoglobin (Hb) levels, with a reusable ring-shaped sensor probe placed on the patient's thumb. HemoDetect calculates and displays the patient’s hemoglobin (Hb) level on a portable and compact monitor in less than 90 seconds.

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novoGI™ VisionPlus 200

VisionPlus 200

VisionPlus is a real-time video enhancement processor for endoscopy applications for diagnostic & therapeutic GI endoscopic procedures. It enhances the ability to observe tissue by imaging blood vessel vascularization, perfusion, flat and small lesions and polyps.

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novoGI™ ClearPath


The novoGI™ ClearPath system provides powerful irrigation and high-volume evacuation for irrigating and cleansing the upper GI tract during endoscopic procedures. Provides concurrent irrigation and evacuation through the gastroscope’s dedicated working channel and is compatible with standard gastroscopes.

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novoGI™ Prep System


The novoGI™ Prep system is a safe, simple, innovative and convenient colon cleansing system for diagnostic & therapeutic GI procedures.

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